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65 participants, 5 orals, 19 posters. Description of the subprojects by WP leaders, kick off meeting
CIC nanoGUNE, with the collaboration of its partners within the framework of theSUDOE region TRAIN2 project, organizes a workshop in NANOMAGNETISM AND SPINTRONICS to be held in Donostia-San Sebastián the days 22-24 of February, 2012.
Curso de introduccion a la nanotecnología para profesores de secundaria organizado en el marco del programa Garatu del GV
Workshop to introduce nanotechnology to companies organized with ADEGI and nanoBasque. P. M. Etxenike, J. M. Pitarke, J. Goicolea, Jesús de la Fuente (Graphenea), Jabi Sobrado (Maier), Álex Roteta (GKN Driveline)
The PCAM (Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials) European network of doctorate programmes organizes every year a summer school on a specific relevant topic. The 2011 edition is being organized by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), the Materials Physics Center CSIC-UPV/EHU, the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), and the Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center nanoGUNE Consolider, in the framework of the Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country. The lectures will focus on Electronic and Optical Properties of Nanoscale Materials. The participation is open to PhD students, post-docs, and all researchers interested in the field. The summer school will be held on 4-7 July 2011 in a seaside palace in the scenic city of San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain).


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