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Designing Quantum Matter: fabrication and characterization with atomic scale precision

Friday, June 08, 2018 - 12:00
Donostia International Physics Center
Ingmar Swart, Utrecht University
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In the realm of novel 2-D electronic materials in which the nanoscale geometry is a deciding factor for the electronic band structure, it has been realized that electron gases on well-defined metal surfaces form an excellent basis to design 2-D electronic lattices of nearly any geometry, often
difficult to realize in real materials [1]. Such lattices can be formed by atomic manipulation in a cryogenic scanning tunnelling microscope, and can then be investigated by scanning tunnelling
spectroscopy and wave function mapping, resulting in a comprehensive data set.

In this talk, I will show how the inherent tunability of the system can be used to engineer and explore novel quantum states of matter. Specifically, I will show examples of how to control the geometry, the orbitaldegree of freedom, as well as the dimensionality in these 2D electronic lattices

[1] K.K. Gomes et al., Nature, 483 (2012) 306
[2] M.R. Slot et al., Nature Physics 13, (2017) 672
[3] S.N. Kempkes et al. submitted (2018)

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