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The Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center CIC nanoGUNE (San Sebastian, Spain), created with the mission of conducting world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country and recently recognized as a "María de Maeztu" Excellence Unit (2017-2021), is currently looking for


to work on


This position is linked to the European collaborative (Spain, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, and Italy) FET project FEMTOTERABYTE: Spinoptical nanoantenna-assisted magnetic storage at few nanometers on femtosecond timescale” (grant agreement No 737093). The project will be dedicated to the design, modeling, and testing of hybrid noble and ferromagnetic metals at novel nanoantennas, called spinoptical-nanoantennas, to achieve (de)magnetization dynamics at the fs-timescale (100 fs and below) in ferro- and ferri-magnetic nanostructures. 

The ideal candidate should have a PhD in Physics or related fields and a strong background in optics, particularly related to nanooptics and plasmonics. Experience in the use of Comsol and/or Lumerical for advanced simulations is highly desirable. Independently pursuing research ideas, capability to write articles and making conference presentations are all requirements.

We have an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral position (2 years Postdoctoral contract) in the Nanomagnetism group for work related to optical properties of magnetic and hybrid (noble-metal/magnetic, high-dielectric/magnetic) nanoantennas, photonics crystals and metamaterials. The institute features an excellent infrastructure for advanced nanoscale research and engineering work, as well as related scientific studies. The working language at nanoGUNE is English.

Nanoplasmonics and magnetism have both undergone a rapid development in the past decade, enabling completely new research directions. Here we propose to combine the brand-new branch of nanoplasmonics – that of nanoscale spinoptics, providing extreme light confinement and the superior ability to manipulate photonic spin and orbital angular momenta, and nanomagnetism/molecular magnetism to establish a new fundamental way to control magnetism via light momenta spin-orbit mediated transfer of light momenta at the nanoscale in femtoseconds. This will be achieved by focusing light and concentrating its angular momenta with the localized plasmon nanoantennas to transfer it further to magnetic nanostructures, which are carefully positioned in the near-field of the nanoantennas, enabling low-power, non-thermal, deterministic, ultrafast magnetization manipulation at the nanoscale.


Specific objectives:

  •  To design with electromagnetic simulations (FDTD and COMSOL platforms) and nanofabricate spin-nanoantennas with embedded (ferro- and ferri-) magnetic (and other relevant materials displaying all-optical helicity-dependent switching) elements
  •   To characterize spin-nanoantennas with spectroscopy and microscopy

The candidates should apply by completing the form bellow attaching:

A) Cover Letter,

B) Curriculum Vitae

C) Plus Certificates

D) List of References. 


The deadline for applications is 15 March 2018.


Further information: 

Group website: http://www.nanogune.eu/nanomagnetism

Contact email:  p.vavassori@nanogune.eu [Reference: Postdoc - Vavassori] Not to be used for applications

Group publications related to the project:

- J. Chen et al. Small 7, 2341 (2011)

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- I. Zubritskaya, et al. Nano Lett. 18, 302 (2018)



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