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II nanoBusiness Workshop: bridging the gap between Science and Industry


Co-organized by ADEGI and nanoGUNE, and with the collaboration of the nanoBasque Agency, this workshop invites Basque companies to explore the opportunities offered by nanotechnology to increase their competitiveness. Four Basque companies – Graphenea, Maier, and GKN Driveline will participate in the workshop sharing the challenges they face to incorporate nanotechnology in their business.

Compromised with the local industry and following the success of the 1st nanoBusiness Workshop organized in November 2009, ADEGI and nanoGUNE have organized a new workshop putting together nanotechnology research and industry. The workshop, open to the participation of Gipuzkoan and Basque Companies, intends to bridge the gap between science and application, inviting companies to get exposed to the benefits of nanotechnology.

The objectives of the workshop include:

  • Introduce the basics of nanotechnology and why it is identified as one of the most disruptive new technologies.
  • Present the framework and scope of the nanoBasque strategy to promote the introduction of nanotechnology in Basque companies.
  • Introduce the activity of nanoGUNE especially those actions directly oriented to the promotion of nanotechnology in Basque companies.
  • Establish an open discussion with companies that are already in the process to incorporate nanotechnology to their business.
  • Open a framework for discussion in order to develop links between science and industry.

Workshop program:

  • 10:30 Welcome – Angel Castrillo, ADEGI.
  • 10:35 «Nanotecnología: ¿sensacionalismo o realidad?» Pedro Miguel Etxenike, CIC nanoGUNE.
  • 11:15 «NanoGUNE: el gran reto de lo pequeño» José María Pitarke, CIC nanoGUNE.
  • 12:00 «Estrategia nanoBasque: una visión de futuro» Agencia nanoBasque-SPRI.
  • 12:15 NanoCompanies Forum:
  • 12:15 Graphenea, Jesús de la Fuente
  • 12:30 Maier, Jabi Sobrado
  • 12:45 GKN Driveline, Alex Roteta
  • 13:00 Visit to nanoGUNE facilities.
  • 14:00 End of the Workshop.

Free entrance, but registration is necessary. Use this link to register.

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