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2017 Publications

5. Wang, Weike, Chen, Chaoqiu, Tollan, Christopher, Yang, Fan, Beltran, Mikel, Qin, Yong, Knez, Mato
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 27964 (2017)
Conductive Polymer-Inorganic Hybrid Materials through Synergistic Mutual Doping of the Constituents

4. Wang, Weike, Chen, Chaoqiu, Tollan, Christopher, Yang, Fan, Qin, Yong, Knez, Mato
Efficient and controllable vapor to solid doping of the polythiophene P3HT by low temperature vapor phase infiltration

3. Li, Le, Zhang, Lianbing, Knez, Mato
Pharmacological Research 119, 478 (2017)
Comparison of two endogenous delivery agents in cancer therapy: Exosomes and ferritin (vol 110, pg 1, 2016)

2. Wang, Weike, Yang, Fan, Chen, Chaoqiu, Zhang, Lianbing, Qin, Yong, Knez, Mato
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4, 1600806 (2017)
Tuning the Conductivity of Polyaniline through Doping by Means of Single Precursor Vapor Phase Infiltration

1. Yang, Fan, Abadia, Mikel, Chen, Chaoqiu, Wang, Weike, Li, Le, Zhang, Lianbing, Rogero, Celia, Chuvilin, Andrey, Knez, Mato
Nano Research 10, 97 (2017)
Design of active and stable oxygen reduction reaction catalysts by embedding Co (x) O (y) nanoparticles into nitrogen-doped carbon

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