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2017 Publications

8. T. Lisec, T. Reimer, M. Knez, S. Chemnitz, A. Schulz-Walsemann and A. Kulkarni
Journal Of Microelectromechanical Systems 26, 1093 (2017)
A Novel Fabrication Technique for MEMS Based on Agglomeration of Powder by ALD

7. F. Yang, J. Brede, H. Ablat, M. Abadia, L. Zhang, C. Rogero, S. Elliott and M. Knez
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4, 1700237 (2017)
Reversible and Irreversible Reactions of Trimethylaluminum with Common Organic Functional Groups as a Model for Molecular Layer Deposition and Vapor Phase Infiltration

6. D. Keller, A. Beloqui, M. Martinez-Martinez, M. Ferrer and G. Delaittre
Biomacromolecules 18, 2777 (2017)
Nitrilotriacetic Amine-Functionalized Polymeric Core-Shell Nanoparticles as Enzyme Immobilization Supports

5. W. Wang, C. Chen, C. Tollan, F. Yang, M. Beltran, Y. Qin and M. Knez
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 27964 (2017)
Conductive Polymer-Inorganic Hybrid Materials through Synergistic Mutual Doping of the Constituents

4. W. Wang, C. Chen, C. Tollan, F. Yang, Y. Qin and M. Knez
Efficient and controllable vapor to solid doping of the polythiophene P3HT by low temperature vapor phase infiltration

3. L. Li, L. Zhang and M. Knez
Pharmacological Research 119, 478 (2017)
Comparison of two endogenous delivery agents in cancer therapy: Exosomes and ferritin (vol 110, pg 1, 2016)

2. W. Wang, F. Yang, C. Chen, L. Zhang, Y. Qin and M. Knez
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4, 1600806 (2017)
Tuning the Conductivity of Polyaniline through Doping by Means of Single Precursor Vapor Phase Infiltration

1. F. Yang, M. Abadia, C. Chen, W. Wang, L. Li, L. Zhang, C. Rogero, A. Chuvilin and M. Knez
Nano Research 10, 97 (2017)
Design of active and stable oxygen reduction reaction catalysts by embedding Co (x) O (y) nanoparticles into nitrogen-doped carbon

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